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Light Bulbs - Shape

Which light bulb technology is right for me?

Should I make the switch to LED?

Many people are making the switch from using traditional halogen light bulbs to the more modern LED light bulbs.

Advantages of LED light bulbs:

  • Energy efficient ‐ LED light bulbs are a lot more efficient than Halogen bulbs, meaning you get more for your money and conserve more energy.
  • Longer life ‐ LED light bulbs last longer, with a life of up to 40,000 hours!
  • Smaller carbon footprint - LED light bulbs use less energy whilst emitting the same light, making them the eco-friendly option.
Advantages of Halogen Light Bulbs:

  • Much brighter ‐ halogen light bulbs give off a bright white light, making them perfect for an area that needs to be well lit.
  • Energy efficient ‐ Whilst LED light bulbs may be more energy efficient, halogen light bulbs are still more energy efficient in comparison to other incandescent light bulbs.
Alternative lightbulb technology
Energy efficient light bulbs

If saving energy is the most important factor for you when buying your light bulbs, then energy saving light bulbs are an alternative eco and cost-friendly option.

Smart Home lighting

Creating the right light for you has become much easier thanks to smart home lighting. All you need is a smartphone or tablet to control the lighting in your home with ease. You can even set the mood with a choice of colours. Worried you may have left the light on? No problem ‐ you can switch it off from your mobile!

Vintage lighting

Perfect for the modern rustic home and very on trend. Vintage lightbulbs reveal their filaments detail inside giving a warm glow ‐ the perfect touch for your living space.

Watts & Lumens
What does Watt mean?

When changing a light bulb, the light fixture socket will tell you the maximum wattage you should use. If you exceed this, there is a definite danger of it overheating and becoming a safety hazard. Contrary to what you might believe, wattage is no longer a truly reliable measure of how bright a bulb is.

How to choose the right brightness of light bulb?

Brightness is measured in Lumens ‐ the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Firstly, you should decide whether you prefer bright light or dim light. You may want a lower brightness for your bedside lamp but a brighter light for a large sized living space.

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400 lumens




2700 lumens

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